Q. When do you send my order?

A. Usually the day after we got it.

Q. How can I tell you what I need and what I want?

A. When you place the order, below the address at the end of the page there is a box "Note" you can write there everything, for example assembly the raquet.

Q. Can I write an email or SMS for tell you what I want?

A. Yes of course but it's better if you write in the box "Note", in this way it's sure I read it, it's possible I forget to read your email and anyway I get a lot of them and it's quite hard to find yours.

Q. Can you assembly the raquet? How much it cost?

A. Yes we can do it, it's a free service just write it into the box "Note"

Q. Can you lacquer the blade?

A. Yes it's a free service just write it into the box "Note"

Q. How can I know if an article is avaible?

A. Select the options you need (color, thikness, handle) and check if there is a green logo "Yes", it mean it's avaible and you can order it. If there is the red logo "No" it mean it's sold out.

Q. If an article is sold out when it will be avaible again?

A. If it's european or japanese it's necessary a few weeks if it's chinese probably many months.

Q. Do you send the blade with its box?

A. Only if we have it, some brands give us the blades without boxes